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We have some very exciting news for you! We are joining up with ‘Outside the Locker Room’ to bring you our new charity event…


Outside The Locker Room is a non for profit charity that works with sporting clubs and organisations to bring awareness, education and outreach programs to adolescents and adults on critical community issues. The main focus of our program is to educate communities around the impact of Mental Health, Addiction and Social Inclusion.

Developed in partnership with mental health and youth services, our interactive workshops are delivered over a 12-month period, partnering with the clubs or organisations to bring information and welfare resources on issues such as suicide, depression and anxiety, gambling, drugs and alcohol, inclusion and respect as well as cyber-bullying and social media.

Our app, along with our welfare team, allow us to offer support and guidance to our partnered clubs and organisations, to best support their communities in times of need. It also gives participants the tools to assist a friend, family member, team mate, fellow staff member or a member of their community, if a mental health or social challenge arises.

Together with Credo Financial, we are delighted to be partnered to bring our organisations together to help raise awareness for mental health in the community.

Throughout the month of June, Credo Financial will look to raise funds for OTLR by riding 3,128km, which signifies the 3,128 lives lost in Australia to suicide in 2018. This distance is a similar distance to riding from Melbourne to Brisbane and back.

For every $1000 raised, you are funding the ability for 1 sporting club, school or organisation around Australia to access the OTLR program and further the awareness in the community.

This is a fantastic concept that we are very excited about, with the ability to buy kms and nominate a fellow colleague, family member or friend to ride, both showing your support for mental health and OTLR. As well as this, you can simply ride, donate or promote your involvement in the Credo Financial Ride #credootlrride #ridingforawareness .

With more information to come in the following weeks, keep an eye out for how you can be involved and more exciting events around this amazing initiative.

For more information check out the website